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This disclaimer is to inform you that we, as the Practitioner, have the right to refuse service if the circumstances deem it necessary.  Such circumstances include, but are not limited too:

Sexual Conduct of ANY kind:

Under absolutely no circumstance will there be ANY sexual conduct of any kind before, during, or after a massage session. Professional Massage Therapists to not engage in any sort of sexual behavior with clients. It doesn't matter what you've heard or seen in a movie or a magazine, Massage is for relaxation and healing not sexual deviation. If the client attempts to engage in such behavior, it is within the Massage Therapist's right to stop the massage completely, Money will not be refunded upon termination of massage due inappropriate sexual conduct. 

 Inappropriate Behavior:

As Massage Therapists, we are here to help you unwind and relax. If you wish to have a conversation during your massage we will listen. However, that being said, talk of anything in the sexual nature (see area above) will not be tolerated. Other inappropriate behaviors include: vulgarity, racist comments, sexist comments, unwanted physical touch, altercations, etc. The Massage Therapist is here to help you, be respectful.

 Refusal to Fill Out Intake Form:

Your intake form is a vital piece of information we need to conduct a proper massage. The intake form tells us about your health history, what medications yours on, if you've have any recent surgeries, etc. Yes, we need to know your age. Yes, everything on it is relevant. Your intake forms are stored properly in a locked file cabinet when not in use by the Massage Therapist. 

 Refusal to Remained Properly Draped:

You MUST be properly draped at all times. If you feel stuffy or hot, we can change the blanket for a towel or we can lower the temperature in the room but we can not take your draping off. You must have a sheet and towel/blanket covering you. It is Alabama State Law.

Refusal of service will NOT be based on.

  • Sexual Orientation

  • Religion

  • Race

Above all else, be respectful and kind to your Massage Therapist and in return we will respect you. We've been properly trained to address your needs and we will do whatever is in our abilities to help you feel better and enjoy your massage.

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