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How long does a normal massage session last?

Frequently Asked Questions

A typical Swedish Massage lasts 60 minutes, though if requested can be longer. There are other modalities that are shorter, such as a chair massage which range from around 15 to 30 minutes. It all depends on the client for their wants and/or needs. 

Does a longer massage cost more?

Yes. The longer the massage, the more it costs.  

What should I wear?

This depends on the massage. If you are receiving a Thai Massage, Chair Massage or Shiatsu, it is preferred that your clothing remains on. For those massages, wearing something comfortable and light is preferred. However, normal massages, such as Deep Tissue, Swedish, etc, it is better to be completely nude as clothes obscure the therapists strokes and can make for a less than fluid massage. If you are uncomfortable with being completely nude, (which is completely understandable) it is okay for you to wear your underwear. Don't be afraid to tell the therapist that you are uncomfortable, we are trained professionals and it is your comfort that we care about. 

What should I do to prepare for my massage?

Before your massage, drink plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated. If this is a home visit, make sure you have an area big enough for the massage therapists table and supplies. Proper hygiene is appreciated, a warm shower before and after your massage can help any anxiety or tension you may have. Know what you want your therapist to focus on or avoid. Ask questions if you feel unsure about something, we don't mind. 

What is the weight limit of a massage table?

This honestly depends on the brand of table, though most reach a limit of 350 lbs. The table is solid and durable so you don't need to worry about it breaking while you're on it. 

Do you have to use sheets/blankets?

Yes. By Alabama State Law, you must be properly draped at all times during a massage. Under no circumstances can you take off the sheet or blanket/towel. The only parts of your body that will be exposed during the massage are those being worked on. This is for your safety and comfort. 

Do I have to fill out an intake form?

Yes. This form gives us the information that we need to make sure you have no contraindications or health issues that we need to be aware of when performing your massage. All records are contained in a locked filing cabinet and will only be shared with the client and the massage therapist. Everything is kept completely confidential. 

Do you accept tips?

Yes, absolutely. Tips are appreciated but they are not mandatory. Do not feel like you have to tip your Massage Therapist. If you believe they earned one then by all means feel free to give them one but never feel pressured into it. We appreciate anything that is given to us. 

Can you diagnose me?

No, we are not doctors. We can not diagnose your problems nor can we prescribe anything for you. As Massage Therapists we can make recommendations or refer you to a physician for your illness but we ourselves can not diagnose you. 

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